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01 January 2015 @ 12:01 am

My LJ will about 50 % f-locked and 50 % open from now on (graphics won't be locked~), but those who want to get to know me more will need to read some of the locked entries :3

Well, have you checked my profile yet? If not, then DO IT NOW ^^ Then come back here and decide if you want to add me~ Aah, and I'm always friendly, so don't be afraid to add me!! I do have some small rules to friending me, but they can easily be fulfilled:

♫ Please comment on this entry to be added! ♫
♫ It would be great if we had something in common (fandoms, country etc..) ♫
♫ I don't force you to comment on my entries, but i'll be happy if you do~ ♫
♫ Please respect my opinions~ No bashing, please~ ♫
♫ Feel free to ask me anything!!! I'm nothing but an ear XD ♫

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